Thank you to all who submitted to Murphy Square this year.

The following pieces have been accepted for the 2012-2013 edition of Murphy Square. Congratulations!

900 Summit Ave - Lauren Johnson
A Sweet World - Dalia Teodonno & Joseph Vokracka
Abstract Dad - Walker Glasoe
Ambition - Mary Stewart
Cell #6 - Maren Daniels
Cell #7 - Maren Daniels
Cleave - Mary Stewart
Dancer - Erika Johnsrud
Fossil Springs - Walker Glasoe
History and Memory - Samantha Chin
Kenwood Water Tower - Lauren Johnson
Koru - Mary Stewart
Las Gemelas - Miriam Medina Macias
Legs with Eyes - Esther Trembley
Mark - Lauren Johnson
Metamorphic - Beth Oelfke
Mississippi - Kristina Monje
Other (the abstract portrait) - Kendall Pruitt
Perfectly Ripe - Kristina Monje
Playing on the Porch - Nick Dahlquist
Psychosis - Mary Stewart
so let’s go dance, like ghosts just happy to be alive - Joseph Vokracka
Softness - Terri Cooper
Such Great Heights - Jose Alvillar
Unforgotten Memories - Jose Alvillar
Untitled (Bus photograph) - Emily Bauermeister
Another Use for Vocabulary - Kevin Ehrman-Solberg
At This Hour - Kristina Monje
Between Two Halves - Will Trembley
Birds of pray - Brianna Olson-Carr
Black Road - Will Trembley
Burnt Toast - Steven Saari
Every Blessing - Mary Klecker
Falling - Brianna Olson-Carr
Hard Times - Kristina Monje
Is There an I - D.E. Green
Melt - Esther Trembley
Nightlight - Dustin Ritchea
Patterns - Patrick Werle
Shame - Brianna Olson-Carr
Sister of Saint Francis - Esther Trembley
Spirit Call - Mariya Javed
Suicide Note - D.E. Green
Suicide Note Reader - Patrick Werle
Text Message Limbo - Kaylee Harles
The Argument - Kevin Ehrman-Solberg
The Other Woman - Whitney Blount Smith
To Collect and Release Poetry - Steven Saari
Twenty Petals - Laurie Akermark
When I Die - Whitney Blount Smith
Wildflower - Sean Evenson
Working - Eric Moen
Advice: An Essay on Freshman Year Alphabetically Arranged - Mary Klecker
Dead Girl - Mark Woodley
Defining No - Dalia Teodonno
I - Michelle Devens
Just One More Story - Patrick Werle
Minotaur - Dustin Ritchea
Old Greybeard - Kevin Ehrman-Solberg
Saw the world; now where's home? - Mary Klecker
See Thru - Will Thornton
Still trying to impress my dad. - Mary Klecker
Take Heart - Jayne Carlson
The End of a Ten-Year Marriage - Lia Jacobson
The Operative - Eric Moen
The Snowflake - Will Trembley
The Washcloth - Kaylee Harles
Time Out - Eric Moen
We Shall Return - Susan Woehrle
Wyoming Women - Jamie Ives