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Integrated, Co-curricular, and Extracurricular Project Ideas

There are many ways to incorporate service-learning into co-curriculur and extracurricular programs. Here is a list of categories or general areas in which you might integrate service-learning:

Integrated or Co-Curricular Projects

Extracurricular Activities

• Instructional activities in existing classes

• Existing club projects

• Independent study

• Start a new club with service purpose

• Extra credit assignments

• School-based project for all grade levels

• Community service class

• Volunteer center

• School-wide service theme

• After school program, e.g., to create a student-produced newspaper such as "ShineOn."

Possible Projects Sub-Menu:

  1. Integrated, Co-curricular, and Extracurricular Project Ideas
  2. Primary Grades Project Ideas (K-3)
  3. Intermediate Grades Project Ideas (4-6)
  4. Middle-Level Grades Project Ideas (6-9)
  5. Secondary Grades Project Ideas (10-12)