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Augsburg College Echo Advertising Policies
2008 – 2009 School Year

Advertising Content
The Echo reserves the right to refuse advertising that is felt to be in
poor taste; that is ambiguously or deceptively worded or portrayed; making
the product or service unclear or open to misrepresentation; that advertises
illegal activities; that maligns identifiable persons, groups or professions;
that is not accurate or truthful, or that is otherwise deemed unacceptable by
the Advertising Manager and Editor-in-Chief. Copyrighted materials that
are not under ownership of the advertising client will not be published in the

The Echo cannot guarantee the position of any ad within the
newspaper. The Echo will make every effort to accommodate advertisement
position requests. Because late breaking news affects the design of the
newspaper from time to time, the Echo does not guarantee advertisement

All ads will be billed to the advertiser on a 30-day schedule.
Payment is due 2 weeks from the time of billing and can be sent to the
following address:
Augsburg Echo
Attn: Advertising Manager
731 21st Avenue S, CB 148
Minneapolis, MN 55454

PDF Version 2008-2009 school year policies
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