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Luther in Medieval Context

Proceedings from the Special Sessions at the International Medieval Congress in Kalamazoo, MI

For many generations, Martin Luther has been regarded as the pivotal figure conveniently marking the transition between Middle Ages and Renaissance. While this generalization might satisfy the requirements for a general history course, the myriad sources which influenced Luther's thought are often missed due to still prevalent black and white depiction of the Middle Ages as a period of ignorance.

The Luther in Medieval Context special sessions seek to trace influences and precedents in the formation of Martin Luther's early thought up through the start of the Reformation. Of particular interest are topics covering Luther's early education, his developing views on liturgy, music (including secular), Catholic mysticism, Judaism, Islam, Byzantium, a/Authority as well as secular foci regarding law, banking, patronage, politics, humanism, etc.. The sessions also encourage insight into the formative thought of Philipp Melancthon and others.

Call for Papers for the 46th International Medieval Congress in Kalamazoo

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