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Educause 2002 Summary: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Key presentations: Wednesday: OpenCourseWare; Thursday: Pay the Piper, OKI
Key themes: OKI looks good, crusade of Kay Wijekumar continues, schools are tired of CMS rising costs
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Wednesday, 10:30: Developing a Modular Approach to CMS Use

Educause research report published later this year. Study of faculty using U of W CMSes.



Early Results:

Wednesday, 11:40: An Open Source Model for Academic Content Dissemination and Pedagogical Collaboration: An Oxymoron or Just Impossible?

is not:



Wednesday, 2:15: Preparing Faculty and Students for Hybrid Courses

PPT has all the info, online soon?

Notes from talk:

faculty often fear losing a connection with students in hybrid courses, opposite is often true
new ways of assessing student learning are needed
6 month lead time for development of a hybrid course
rethink course, not just an add-on to existing course

Thursday, 8:10: Paying the Piper Now or Later: Improving the Effectiveness of Web-Based Learning

Excellent presenter from last year. Full presentation above.
learning management system - "no one is going to manage my learning but me"

Outcomes of current practice are superficial

Cognitive outcomes matrix

What we know:

Orienting Faculty

Orienting Students

Thursday, 11:45: Integrating Technology into Medical Education

1987-1998: used a problem based model parallel with traditional lecture curriculum
1995-1998: combined the strengths of both into a new curriculum
1998: integrated technology


Software provided

Laptop is their gateway to everything (bad imho)
don't tell faculty must use computer but create an environment for success if they want to use it, students pressure faculty too

first 2 years clinical cases are much of the work

highly customized database system for student evaluations from field perceptors, standardized system for evaluation
computerized testing using PED system, web-based, 2 day exam window online


Software developers do a lot of the work of building materials, faculty just provide stuff to them

Thursday, 2:20: The Open Knowledge Initiative

a collaborative initiative to provide a service architecture for education
MIT, U Wisc, Stanford, Dartmouth, etc

Edu Applications

CourseWork by Stanford




getting funding to develop a more robust assessment and assignment module

open source this academic year

Stellar 1.3 from MIT

started before OKI, 2.0 will have OKI features

content in 2 level hierarchy, each item has an "edit" link if it is editable
material (metadata tagged)
homework (metadata tagged)
e-reserves populated by library
distributed environment, roles such as guest, ta, instructor (5)
integrated search tool (PDF, HTML)
discussion tool (JIVE JAVA tool)
a navigation bar editor is under development

Filing API demo

one of the 12 services
abstraction of boundary between app and 1 or more file directories (cabinets)
a daemon is running that is doing the syncing
app and developer don't care where cabinets are
folder appears to be on hard drive, though it is not

Client UI

Thursday, 3:45: The MIRA Psychiatric Nurse-Practitioner Program: Providing Rural Health Care Education

the problem

developed IP video conferencing system
collected parallel systems that were existing, standardized on equipment, shared with other programs

Friday, 8:10: Online + Face-to-Face = ???

has a large historic correspondence (distance) program along with tradition program
all courses are developed and faculty can't change them!?

using CMS with both programs
reducing face time in traditional program reaped benefits of less use of facilities

kinda lame overall

Friday, 9:30: Using Peer Assessment in the Design of Online Collaborative Learning Environments

niche online learning environment, firstclass?
learning is a social process best done in groups
need both individual and group accountability in completion of learning tasks
establish a positive interdependence of group members for success
from "learning about" to "learning to be"
construct norms from student voting but faculty can add any missing ones

Peer / Self Assessment