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Tina Brauer, Coordinator

FACULTY - K. Christian McGuire

Studio Artist, electric bass

As an electric bassist, my primary concern is ensuring that students learn a sound ergonomic technique which reduces risk of injury. For this I have developed a method focused on the unique requirements of the electric bass with exercises designed to facilitate fingering while maintaining good posture. Rather than launching into "flashy technical riffs" my students learn early on the traditional musical leadership role of the bass -- it provides the foundation of Harmony, Beat and Rhythm--it is the singular focal point upon which all musicians rely. In this sense the bassist is the conductor who is always aware of the music and will assert direction when things go awry.

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Syllabus MUP 116, 216, 316 416

Recitals and Requirements

For more information: http://www.christianmcguire.com

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