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Regina Hopingardner

While you may know me just as the CLASS Assistant (or your Critical Thinking instructor), in my spare time I've been getting my MFA in Creative Writing. Part of that process involved writing a book: Is She Dead Yet? Backstage in the World of Opera. In addition to some opera information, I've included here some of my non-opera essays, stories and collages.


An Overview of Is She Dead Yet: Backstage in the World of Opera
A First Q & A About Opera The basics, from a slanted point of view
Is S/He Dead Yet? The variety of opera deaths...
Things Overheard Backstage at the Opera
Mostly a bunch of inside jokes, but some of them might be funny to all
Good Opera/Bad Opera The operas I think you might like (or not)

Opera Links


Travel Essays
The Allure of Travel  Three ways to travel: Henry James, Henry Adams, and Richard Francis Burton
In Aldbury with Cezanne How I spent my thirtieth birthday alone in the middle of Hertfordshire
Mexico and Difference Does Mexico have a right to be not the U.S.? 

Arts and Literature Essays
A Different Kind of Hero
 Harry Potter, Lyra Silvertongue, and Buffy Summers as modern heroic paradigms

A Pengurtle and the People in the Clouds Tempt the Writer to Collage
At the Uffizi with Muirhead and Virtual Uffizi
Illuminating Manuscripts An examination of Medieval Books of Hours
In the Gallery Experiences looking at art  
Dante and the Renaissance  an introductory essay
Can we have some Action? A craft essay on using dramatic techniques in creative non-fiction

One (This one isn't showing up very well)
Untitled Dead Princess
Untitled Self Portrait
If Only I could Locate a Really Nice Hat
Untitled Giraffe
Her Luxurious Tale is not that of a Persian
Untitled Doors
Blondel Hears Richard's Voice
A Chance Encounter with the Pengurtle
The Swan Queen Indulges the Little People
Untitled (Shell-Head)
Fish Cartouche
Merlin Beguiled by the Rising Waves
Fungal Geometry
The Birth of Sin
Constellated Creatures

Perseus A completely ridiculous limerick poem (not "strict limerick" as was pointed out to me) about Cellini's Perseus

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