Weekend College Course Syllabi

These folders are organized by academic year. Please remember that academic years run September through June. If you are looking for a syllabus for a course that ran from January to March in 2011, this syllabus can be found in the September 2010-August 2011 folder.

Please note that the majority of syllabi for current term courses on the Minneapolis campus will be available four weeks prior to the start of the term. If you cannot find a syllabus for a specific current term course at the four week point, this means that the Augsburg for Adults Program Office has not received the syllabus from the faculty member. Please contact the faculty member for a copy of the current term syllabus. If you have any difficulty accessing these files, please contact Sarah Hedstrom at 612-330-1007 or hedstrom@augsburg.edu or Jessica Fox-Wilson at 612-330-1782 or foxwilso@augsburg.edu.

September 2006-August 2007
September 2007- August 2008
September 2008-August 2009
September 2009-August 2010
September 2010-August 2011
September 2011- August 2012
September 2012 - August 2013
September 2013 - August 2014
September 2014 - August 2015